Selected Shader, Unity, Reaction Diffusion works


React Diffusion Web Toy


Project active from 2014 to 2017

I found myself captivated by computer graphics that required intensive calculations, and I delved into exploring the creation of shaders in GLSL for the WebGL platform. This project is where I started to learn how to organize things as textures and write programs that are suitable for running in parallel.

The Ancient Stack

  • The UI was made with jQuery
  • The code was written in CoffeeScript
  • The WebGL framework is Three.js 0.77.0
beautiful user interface code in CoffeeScript
Charming CofeeScript Syntax

Reaction Diffusion Unity Camera Effect


I modified the shader in the web toy version and tried to make it run in Unity. The shader is packaged as a effect that can be applied on the active camera, smearing and add delays to the view. It works best with high contrast, semi-realistic renderings.

Some Useful Unity Scripts


Year: 2018

Some individual utility MonoBehaviors I wrote when I was working on some VR projects at Artificial Rome.


I found this ancient DIY project (2017) that exports a Cinema4D (designer's choice of 3D software) scene to a Three.js compatible format, before GLTF and Blender 2.6 had came to the rescue.

Unity Bridge


During the lock down (2021) I wrote this minimal framework that facilitate communication between Unity WebGL target and the Javascript side in the browser. This is useful in, for example, creating responsive UI in the browser, or take advantage of realtime communication protocols like WebSocket, which is easier to manage permissions with the browser.

I was helping a friend out with their project, I somehow actually wrote end-to-end test in Cypress for it. I even drew this diagram to try to sell the idea to my peer: