logotype of Nostagik

Nostagik came to existence by helping a fellow designer setting up their portfolio website, and realized that I could publish my code for pulling Notion data for a static output.

Sometimes I too would like the comfort of creating my content in Notion. Although using Notion's own publish feature is much more convenient, Nostagik gives the full control of the appearance, and the option to create completely static pages without any calls to Notion's server.

For now, all my projects only use it in static export mode with Next.js. This means that every time something is updated in Notion. I have to manually trigger re-deployment. But I am not yet ready to give up the advantage of not having to worry about managing a node server for portfolio projects.

It should be possible to use Nostagik with other frontend frameworks for creating websites like Nuxt and SvelteKit. For now I've written a @nostagik/react for using it with Next.


nostagik logo outline

It is my first NPM package so it might be necessary to dress it up a bit. Also, since part of the documentation is built with Nostagik, it is nice to have some first-party assets. I'd like to use a lowercase n with a bit of serif, but other than that I don't want to stray away from the minimal, barebone feeling of creating a humble toolset like Nostagik should be.

logo design process

design iterations