Trip to Japan and Taiwan


We travelled back to Asia at the end of 2023 for the presidential election in Taiwan. Before going back to Taiwan in january, we spent a few weeks in Japan.

Part 1 : Japan

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi


Emergency road sign at Tokyo

Softbank Akita Dog
Hakone Boar Sticker on the Hakone Tozan Train

A sign depicting a giant salamander returning a tray at Kyoto Aquarium

A giant salamander returning the tray at Kyoto Aquarium

No entry sign at La Collina

A sign on the bike path in Kyoto, combining an exclamation mark with the front wheel of an abstract bike

Mysterious bike path sign


Goldfish plush from Gomi Taro

A goldfish plush from Where's the Fish? by Gomi Taro (五味太郎)

A toilet sign at 21_21 design sight
<- A toilet sign at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo
Found this at Loft ->

Sculpture at La Collina

Scupture at La Collina at 近江八幡

A dragon water fountain in a temple at Kyoto

Dragon with its food (Mochi) by the water fountain


Mountain road
Pocket Plaza
dream house...
Fuji mountain
Takashima Ukawa
Mountain road
a dog billboard in front of the famous Umeda Sky Building when our train passed by Osaka

Part 2: Taiwan


Valet steak cooking service
I didn't get to try the valet steak cooking service. But I enjoy the way the letters are arranged on the right.
Foodpanda mascot plush on a delivery backpack on a scooter outside
A laptop manufacturer's dragon mascot plush
A laptop manufacturer's dragon mascot plush (not for sale)